doing my best impersonation of sarmad

i know i’m not the “music” dood in our clique, but i ran across this and thought it was a pretty good song…

tho, i BET that sarmad or dave will chime in and say, “OLD! i knew about these guys 2 years ago”

it’s chiddy bang – “opposite of adults”… uses that mgmt “kids” track (best new artists apparently)

anyway, here ya go… it’s a pretty sick video too


5 Responses to “doing my best impersonation of sarmad”

  1. Sarmad says:

    Saying this may hurt my street cred, but you just introduced me to these guys. Good stuff. Super entertaining video too.

  2. Pete says:

    Not bad. It’s a minsural song, but like a funny minsural song where people have big head.

  3. Pete says:

    I may or may not have been when I wrote this, but it was a Bobby Bottleservice reference. “It’s a minsural show, but not like a funny minsural show where people have black face”. How soon you forget these things.

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