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check it out — i didn’t realize until brad frost’s tweet that i could upload twitter’s neat little tool to show all my tweets. the tool arrives in a zip file when you download your entire archive — just upload the whole folder

here’s my list of tweets (as of 2/15) — i kinda wish it had more stats, but i’m happy with it

so i talked to dave yesterday and asked him if he wanted to partner up with me to make a line of t-shirts geared to kids. he said he was down!

so my role would be the sketches and his would be the line work and coloring (in illustrator — since i’m still a noob at that). it all needs to be vectorized so i could possibly print out the drawing and post it on the side of a skyscraper

i think it’s pretty obvious why it would be geared to kids if you look at my drawing style: cute, cuddly, happy-g0-lucky animals are all the rage with kids

in talking with greg, there are a couple of avenues to go down with respect to selling. i could either do bigcartel, threadless, etsy, or any of the other countless numbers of online stores. that is, if they’d have me. if my stuff’s not that good, then it’ll be self hosted (womp womp)

the thing to remember is that this is for fun… no pressure to sell a ton of things… and i don’t want it to be an leech on my wallet (ie buying a ton of inventory and paying each time to get it printed — which is why i kinda like the online sellers doing all that work for me and i get a cut)

i just see my nephews wearing suuuper simple shirts and i think, “hey… i could do something like that”

just my initial thoughts on this… i hope it moves forward… wish me luck, peeps

so it’s a brand new year… and i feel like this is a turning point in my life. i’ve had many life changes last year and am excited for more in 2013.

things i want to do (in no particular order):

  • lose 10-15 pounds – exercise more, eat healthier
  • learn more wordpress stuff (general php, plugins, database stuff, etc)
  • make a screenprint* – get better at illustrator
  • continue sketching to keep my brain creative

that’s just off the top of my head. i know there are more, the list isn’t complete at this point.

* i really want to make a screenprint. i see some stuff from OMGposters or fab and i think, “hey, i could make something like that.” i think it’s totally possible. i’d just need a vectorized file, which means illustrator… seems tough, but so is photoshop. i think i have enough room in my brain for another program

i also want to start posting things i like/want. “isn’t that pinterest?” well yea… but i can actually build things for me… so, there you go

josh got me listening to this comic — john mulaney [tumblr]… he is friggin’ hilarious and his pandora station is awesome too! check him out

“i am a proud asian-american woman”

“f*ck da police!”

home alone 2 – “ya simple bitch”

bonus: patton oswalt

“i want all the ham”

this friggin cracked me up in the car… i nearly flew off the road in a fit of laughter

I did it. I put in my two weeks.

it feels very odd, but I had to jump on the opportunity that was presented to me… i’d be stupid if I didn’t

I’m gonna miss the coworkers. seven+ years at a place… met so many people and made many friends

funny to think that the last of the mog-3 is leaving… on his own terms. it’s the way I envisioned it. I’m happy.

I attribute the title of this post to my boss. it’s succinct and it fits.


UPDATE: oh yes, this is still happening… received two in the past two months actually. this makes the grand total at EIGHT.

frustrated, i give bayareafastrak a call and i get results. the dood was able to dismiss my two pending violations, flag my license plate so the system won’t just automatically send a letter to me, AND they’re sending the violations to the right person. hells yea!

maybe now that other license plate guy will pay his damn tolls at bridges. $4 toll but a $30 ticket. this guy has been doing it once a month.

hopefully this is the last i’ll hear from bayareafastrak!

so for the FOURTH time, i received a notice from bay area fastrak that i didn’t pay a toll in san mateo… so yea… it wasn’t me.

the license plate looks REALLY close, but the driver has a I [HEART] JDM license plate holder and the heart part bumps up into the license plate, making it look like “XIJ” — i’m guessing his license plate has “XTJ” but the damn computer keeps seeing my plate number!

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so a few days ago, i get greeted with this email from [email protected]:

The domain (joe) has reached 90% of its bandwidth limit (13637.19/15000.00 Megs).

it all looks sketchy to me so i show geoff and sure enough… i find out that i’m an accessory to pirating (hey! that’s the title of this post!). this wasn’t the first time i’ve heard of this — i remember when andy’s site got taken advantage of… to a much grander scale (75GB compared to my 15GB)

the reason? mp3’s…

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hello world


this really only applies if you go to starbucks (no matter how often)

so i’ve been meaning to write this for a while now. i was going to write it on MoG, but i think i’d sound like a prick, telling people what to do… plus i don’t want to care about punctuation and grammar

anyway, there are several reasons to get a starbucks card account

  • consolidate all your cards into one – this is huge, especially after the holidays or a birthday
  • perks – free drink on your birthday, free syrups, free refills on brewed coffee/tea, free beverage with whole bean purchase, and free drink every 15 stars (gold level)
  • cool guy status – you’ll get a gold card (after 30 stars) OR you can pay for your order with the iPhone or Android app (pay with the app and people will think you’re from the future)

* there used to be a roundabout way to get free wifi (for 2 hours) at starbucks by reloading a gift card over and over… but they now offer free wifi (no time limit) in their coffeehouses

as greg always says, “everyone’s going cashless”

i can’t really see any cons in setting up a starbucks card account… are there any? if there were, the benefits would definitely outweight the negatives