breaking the law in san mateo

UPDATE: oh yes, this is still happening… received two in the past two months actually. this makes the grand total at EIGHT.

frustrated, i give bayareafastrak a call and i get results. the dood was able to dismiss my two pending violations, flag my license plate so the system won’t just automatically send a letter to me, AND they’re sending the violations to the right person. hells yea!

maybe now that other license plate guy will pay his damn tolls at bridges. $4 toll but a $30 ticket. this guy has been doing it once a month.

hopefully this is the last i’ll hear from bayareafastrak!

so for the FOURTH time, i received a notice from bay area fastrak that i didn’t pay a toll in san mateo… so yea… it wasn’t me.

the license plate looks REALLY close, but the driver has a I [HEART] JDM license plate holder and the heart part bumps up into the license plate, making it look like “XIJ” — i’m guessing his license plate has “XTJ” but the damn computer keeps seeing my plate number!

looks pretty damn close, eh?
notice of toll evasion

this is what i wrote the third time (i’ve started to just copy and paste my response and making updates):

The car that was pictured is not mine. I have never been in the San Mateo-Hayward area and definitely was not there on 12/12/11. I was currently in San Diego on that day — it is also where I reside. My vehicle is a black 2007 Honda Accord. This is the THIRD time this has occurred. The license plate in question is “5XTJ454” — the bottom portion of the license plate in question makes the “T” look like an “I”.

a couple days later, i’ll get this:

We have reviewed the image in question and found that it was originally reviewed it in error. We have corrected our error and apologize for any inconvenience, confusion or frustration this may have caused.

it’s corrected, but not in the long term!

what ticks me off is that this guy (assuming it’s a guy) is getting away with it. my guess is he thinks he has a valid fastrak toll tag so he keeps on driving through these tolls, thinking he’s paying…

…unless he KNOWS he’s getting away with this… then it’s time for vigilante justice

wonder when it’ll happen again…