beer: wells banana bread beer

clever idea, fell short of my expectations
clever idea, fell short of my expectations

store: major market
fruit/vegetable beer
suggested by: andy

i was excited with this one… it was in a bigger-than-normal bottle (500 ml) — which could’ve been a good or a bad thing, depending on if i liked it or not.

it’s a clever idea — but wouldn’t really be tough to pull off right? i mean, just add banana to beer — the bread part is taken care of by the wheaty flavor of the beer. with that logic, one can make any kind of  X bread beer (where X is anything that is added to bread, such as raisin, cinnamon, etc)

turns it out wasn’t bad… but it wasn’t the best.

sure it had some flavor of banana in it — but with every sip, it left me craving more of a sweet aftertaste, but there was none.

beeradvocate: B