beer: stone smoked porter

esco's finest
esco's finest

store: bevmo
type: american porter
abv: 5.90%

this bottle’s been hangin’ out (or chillin’ would be more appropriate) in my fridge for quite some time… something about drinking a 22 oz. bottle by myself that makes me feel odd

check out the pic above again… look at that pour… boo-ti-ful… great head and no spillage

as for the taste… superb. i’ve been a fan of porters in general lately… and stone generally has awesome quality — smokey, oakey, roasty… all of the above.

beeradvocate: A-
me: A

on the topic of microbreweries, looks likeĀ  a documentary is comin’ out pretty soon about their battle with the big breweries like anheuser-busch… it’s called beer wars and it’s gonna show in a movie theater near you… looks pretty interesting