beer: st. pauli girl

ooh... rock band!
ooh... rock band!

store: vons
type: german pilsener
abv: 4.90%

lemme get this out in the open — i’m not a fan of green-bottled beer… so why is beer bottled in green bottles? mark says, “cos they’re fucking retarded” (true, but i’m looking for specifics — thanks for playing, mark).

here’s another answer, but it doesn’t really answer why it was done in the first place

i think it was three sheets that told me that breweries used green bottles when there was a shortage of brown bottles… can someone f’in google it to determine if i’m right or if i just pulled that one outta my ass? (i would, but i am le tired)

anyway, this beer was just like heineken, which also is way overrated (jersey douchebags) — little sour flavor. if someone on beeradvocate says they taste “hints of coriander” or “floral notes”, they’re f*ckin’ lying… there is nothing good about this beer

i’m proud to present my first D grade! whoo hoo

oh yea, and everyone wanted to be tagged — so there you go, andy, lisa, juan, and adam. enjoy the spotlight

beeradvocate: C