beer: smithwick’s

pronounced "smiddicks"
pronounced "smiddicks"

store: bevmo
type: irish red ale

abv: 4.50%

first one i had of these was at geoff’s —  it was good, but not amazing…

had one again at andy’s and it was awesome. the difference? temperature!

if you’re going to have one of these, i suggest poppin’ them in the freezer for a bit (when the mountains turn blue… oh wait.. wrong beer)

complimented well with a burger — what a great meal!

i think this’ll be one of my “everyday beers” — something to kick back on after work or during a game…

*UPDATE* – funny moment that i just had to throw in… so juan didn’t quite know the name of this beer so the whole night he kept asking for “smithsonian” — so now this beer’s nickname to us is “smithsonian”

beeradvocate: B