beer: ochakovo ruby

at least the russians excel at vodka-making and gymnastics

store: kashtan bistro (more on this place later)
type: vienna lager
abv: 3.60%

strange… a beer that isn’t on beeradvocate — it has other ochakovo’s, but not the ruby (this is the closest, but not really)

it’s a super low abv, which was good for lunch *cough*… i had it with a roast beef sandwich, which complimented it pretty well.

on first pour, it was pretty cloudy and bubbly (effervescent is the term i’m looking for) — the taste didn’t really get me

i find it odd that this site reviewed it like so:
Hints of red summer fruits in the aroma, these give a clue to the plummy caramel flavours which develop.

either that’s complete bs or the reviewer has the most amazing palate known to man — i tasted nothing of the sort (i will, however, be reviewing a REALLY good beer flavored with caramel pretty soon — ooh… a teaser)

overall, the russians should maybe use the same effort that they use on their vodka making into their beer making…

beeradvocate: C-