beer: lindemans pomme

can't win them all...
can't win them all...

store: bevmo
type: lambic – fruit
abv: 4.00%

now that’s a crazy fruity beer — i don’t know why i got it… i think it’s cuz i thought, “hey… the peche was pretty dang good — lemme try this one out”

well… it wasn’t that great at all — it was like eating 50 sour apple jolly ranchers… ridiculous! after every sip, i’d be puckering my lips cuz it was so sweet and tart… dane cook would definitely not like this — he’d stab me in the jaw for buying it

with the way it smelled, it woulda been better served as a bath & body works hand soap

with all my bitching, i still finished it… but my stomach didn’t like me for doing so

chicks would dig this beer tho… ha

beeradvocate: B
me: C