beer: guinness draught

mMMMmmm... i like to watch
mMMMmmm... i like to watch

store: bevmo
type: irish dry stout

if guinness was a baseball player and it was up to bat, i would be chanting, “o-ver-ra-ted… o-ver-ra-ted” — is that a crime to say?

you would think that guinness would be ridiculously thick, like you open the can and a loaf of pumpernickel bread falls out.. but no, it’s got a very mild taste to it

so much mystery behind that widget thing that they put in the cans and bottles too, which apparently, is supposed to release nitrogen when you open it up (to keep it creamy) [ wiki ] — i thought it was to make the beer beat other beers in street races… silly me

don’t get me wrong — it’s a good beer and easy to drink, but i think much of the allure is its marketing — and boy, they have a great marketing team there:

and zane lamprey breaks it down

beeradvocate: B