beer: gordon biersch maibock

forget the beer... garlic fries!
forget the beer... garlic fries!

store: gordon-biersch
type: maibock/helles bock
abv: 6.80%

i thought i hadn’t had a maibock type of beer before, but apparently i have (i just haven’t reviewed it yet — bad.. i know)

went to gordon-biersch for a gorirra meeting and this was their seasonal beer.

it started with a 2-finger head and a malty smell to it… it was pretty good, i must say… it’s a stronger beer (abv-wise), but i had some food with it so it didn’t kick my ass

paired it with a damn good cheeseburger and garlic fries (drooooool…)

would i have it again? maybe… tho their dunkles is a really good seasonal — i’d prolly prefer either golden export or marzen

beeradvocate: B+
me: B