beer: felinfoel double dragon

billy and jimmy's favorite drink!

store: kashtan bistro
type: english pale ale
abv: 4.20%

not to be confused with this...
not to be confused with this...

this is probably the best name for a beer… the funny thing is it probably has nothing to do with the game. any more references? oh yea… here we go: main theme

it’s actually a pretty drinkable beer. i’d say it has a progressive flavor (whatever that means) — i guess that means it has different taste levels. drinking it started with a slightly bitter flavor, but then ended with a really nice wheat-y flavor.

haha… i love how this guy (etenbus) rated the beer an A-, but then gave it this description for the aroma–
Aroma: Musty horse blanket with some sweet notes, caramel, some citrus fruit

you can imagine the dood sitting down at the bar, opening up the bottle, taking a whiff, and saying, “JE-SUS KEERIST! that smells like a musty horse blanket…” — apparently that’s the perfect smell to him

beeradvocate: B-
me: B