beer: duvel

not sharing this one...
not sharing this one...

store: albertsons
type: belgian strong pale ale
abv: 8.50%

i think i like any beers that come from belgium — this one is no exception.

it wasn’t a crazy hoppy beer — but tasted much like a wit — i got one of the big bottles from the store, thinking i was gonna share with rob (since it was his birthday and all), but paired with some pita chips and pepper jack cheese, i pretty much cleared this bottle (okay, he had a glass of it)

dang, i didn’t realize it was 8.50% abv — no wonder i was pretty much dozed off on the couch and had a bumpin’ headache…

i don’t care — this had a great bright taste — like sunshine after a light rain (lame)… i highly recommend it!

beeradvocate: A
me: A+