beer: chimay première (red)

belgium does it again
belgium does it again

store: bevmo
type: dubbel
abv: 7.00%
suggested by: sarmad

if you go to bevmo for beer… just hit up the belgium section… seriously

so i picked this up on sarmad’s suggestion way back when (tho i got the red label, not the blue). it was a great beer to sip on while pokering (err.. i should say, “playing poker” right?) — i shoulda gotten the 750mL bottle cuz the regular bottle wasn’t enough

it’s tasty… those trappists really know what they’re doing — i gotta try the blue and white labels now

odd thing about the bottle i got — once i opened it, the beer just wanted to escape — it was flowin’ out (and no, i didn’t shake — jerks)… it was alive or something… oh well, even with that mishap, i’ll still give this an A

beeradvocate: A-
me: A