beer: black lightning porter


store: stone brewery
type: baltic porter
abv: 8.50%

first of all, if you haven’t been to stone brewery in escondido, you must… even if you don’t drink beer (yea, there are some people out there… *cough* chaunce) — it’s an all-around chill place to eat and meet with friends.

this time i was here for white mark’s birthday

i REALLY enjoy their smoked porter so i wanna try some other type of porter… this is from another local brewery to san diego: lightning. i’ve been to this particular one last year with geoff and greg — we did a three brewery crawl (ballast point and alesmith), but it wasn’t my favorite of all the places… ballast point was (tho that’s some hoppy-ass beer)

anyway… this beer didn’t really hit me as a porter — it had more alcohol taste than anything else… much like a mild tatonka (bj’s — the restaurant, not the… well whatever)

i was a thick beer — worth a shot for a first try, but wouldn’t get it the next time around

beeradvocate: B+
me: B-