beer: ayinger ur-weisse

more "weizen" than "dunkel"
more "weizen" than "dunkel"

store: kashtan bistro
type: dunkelweizen
abv: 5.80%

another unique one from kashtan bistro…this beer both hurt and helped me during andy’s poker night last friday…

with no food in my belly… this beer got to work quick — it kinda gave me a ‘drunken master‘ vibe… the others in the table couldn’t find any tells cuz i was gettin’ sloshed. i also blame the chip conversion rate… i realize also that i suck at math (pfft.. some kinda asian i am)

anyway… the beer was drinkable, but if they just called it a hefeweizen, i wouldn’t have been the weiser (get it?) — it tasted like any other hef, which i’m not really a fan of… hefs are generally drinkable, but they taste fruity (you are what you drink, har har) and have a feeling of summer

beeradvocate: B+
me: B-