beer: affligem tripel

buzzed lightyear
buzzed lightyear

store: bevmo
type: tripel
abv: 8.50%

firstly, yes… that’s a tulip glass i’m drinking out of… i had no idea i had one… it was just there so yea (it’s not really the right glass for the beer, but i don’t care.. so shove off!)

so i got this based on a vg’s suggestion (he works at bevmo)… it was cheap too for the size (and abv)…

it pours a really large head… once it settles, you can actually see some yeast suspended in there

as with most belgian beers, it was fruity on the first couple of pours — toward the end though, i noticed it took on a different taste… yes, i drank the whole friggin bottle by myself and was feelin’ it later… paired it with some pita chips, which was excellent, btw.

beeradvocate: B+
me: A-