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raycharles’ wedding rehearsal – part 2

ray and char’s rehearsal dinner: april 20, 2012, the old spaghetti factory

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breaking the law in san mateo

UPDATE: oh yes, this is still happening… received two in the past two months actually. this makes the grand total at EIGHT.

frustrated, i give bayareafastrak a call and i get results. the dood was able to dismiss my two pending violations, flag my license plate so the system won’t just automatically send a letter to me, AND they’re sending the violations to the right person. hells yea!

maybe now that other license plate guy will pay his damn tolls at bridges. $4 toll but a $30 ticket. this guy has been doing it once a month.

hopefully this is the last i’ll hear from bayareafastrak!

so for the FOURTH time, i received a notice from bay area fastrak that i didn’t pay a toll in san mateo… so yea… it wasn’t me.

the license plate looks REALLY close, but the driver has a I [HEART] JDM license plate holder and the heart part bumps up into the license plate, making it look like “XIJ” — i’m guessing his license plate has “XTJ” but the damn computer keeps seeing my plate number!

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