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try this out with my site… grab the corner of the browser and minimize slowly. at a certain point, which should be 800px, you’ll notice a change. that’s the stylesheet being smart and enabling a few rules i put in place to either hide, resize, or re-arrange different elements.

even this image should resize and not cause horizontal sliders to appear:

ideally, the photo slides shouldn’t get cut off by the browser — they should at least resize until they are hidden from view. i need to work on that. that paper-like border i put around it kind of makes things difficult.

like i said, it’s a work in progress…

it’s neat tho — not needing to create an entirely separate template just for mobile browsers. why not just use what everyone sees and make changes to it accordingly! genius!

new home… feels roomy

so I FINALLY got my domain name and hosting transfered over to our gorirra account at hostgator… it’s something I’ve been meaning to do, I just knew it meant I had to create a new theme

so here it is… much like jurassic park, there are a few glitches here and there but all will be ironed out soon enough

I wanted a theme where I could easily showcase my favorite pictures I’ve taken with my brand new sony nex-3. I came up with this sorta hybrid of a photo gallery/blog…

I may write a post of the backend php stuff I wrote in order to get this to work out the way it does

I’m also happy that the site is responsive… err… will be responsive. if you view it thru your phone, you’ll see the gallery frame a little too tall and a few other things… the hulu embed also breaks the container a bit

I’ve been meaning to learn responsive web design and I plan to implement stuff to this site… should be fun

btw, all the old posts are still here.. gotta love wordpress for that… so go and look around at all my ellipses and lazy writing

* mind the spelling and typos… posting from my phone

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