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friends, check. money, check…

more fun with mac recording… this time, trying out logic express 9 — it’s waaaaay more intense than garageband

i need to play around with it more, but i found a drum loop — it’s suuuper sloppy, but i gotta post it as an exercise. i can’t be a perfectionist right off the bat…

john mayer – something’s missing*

* this is another funky-tuned song… i think it’d be more fun to play on an electric, which i’ll try out next time

this one was recorded on garageband, while logic was installing (it’s a ridiculously gigantic program)

john mayer – love soon

i’m a sloppy guitarist

messin’ with garageband

did a suuuper quick test with garageband ’09, which was pre-installed on my mac mini.

i gotta bug greg again about getting the brodie mics back… i’m sure they’ll sound a lot better than what i was using… yer gonna love this actually — it was rock band usb mic. yup. apparently, computers know that it’s a proper mic and it worked fine (enough)

basically had the mic on the stand pointed at my guitar. simple.

i didn’t do any real mixing or post-production on this so it’s pretty raw…

so here we go — “in your atmosphere,” which is actually a fun song to play — the tuning on it is odd tho: E-B-E-F#-B-e

go easy on me — i JUST learned how to play it yesterday… i need to clean up the harmonics and the hammer-ons a lot

john mayer – in your atmosphere

guitar goal: neon – john mayer

this song is crazy tough… not only is it an odd tuning (drop-C), but the finger positions and picking is crazy. if it was a rockband song, the guitar difficulty would be “devil”

i can half-ass this song, but i wanna get good at it…

here’s theĀ guitarĀ tab. maybe i’ll post my progress along the way… maybe.

here’s a tip for ya

if you ever find yourself having to “fulfill your civic duty” with jury service, here’s the best solution i’ve found so far.

park at old town trolley stop and transit center and take the blue line trolley downtown. hop off the trolley at america plaza trolley station and it’s a quick couple blocks to the hall of justice (no, not the headquarters of the superfriends). if you find that there’s a long line to get in here, cross the street to the superior courthouse, where i happen to be the mayor!

parking at old town is $free.99, but it CAN be tough to find a spot. as long as you’re there before 9, you should be good. then, you just need to get a pass for the trolley. a day pass, round-trip will cost $5.00, but what i’ve done was get a 3-day pass for $12.00 — a nice $3.00 savings there.

it should be noted that parking by the courthouse, which is right next to the america plaza trolley station, will cost an awesome $13.00 PER DAY. yeaaaa… no thanks to that.

i talked to a buddy, who had to serve jury duty also — he parked over by petco park with an early bird special — $5.00 before 9a (and you had to be out by 6p). the downside is the trek

or you could try to cheat the system, as i’ve heard some do… by getting the trolley day pass from the juror’s office and NOT scratching off the date you are riding. i’ve only been asked for a ticket once in this three-ish weeklong service. and this one guy said that when asked to show a ticket, he showed the non-scratched pass and scratched it at the guard’s request. simple.

as you can see, jury duty is AWESOME

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