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minor site updates

  • added nl west standings widget: a nice way to keep track of the padres’s record (> .500, baby!)
  • added world cup schedule calendar: it’s a custom google calendar i set up… just the countries that i’d be interested in watching
  • added badge to the footer with my other social networking icons. i think it’s a little better than pandora — you get unlimited skips and minimal ads (for now)… i really like their slideshow thing when music plays… it’s slick

ever heard of starbucks?

it’s been a loooong couple of weeks for me… not only do i have a plateful at work, i got several projects for gorirra i gotta take care of.

i LOVE procrastinating… i actually wanted to write this post earlier in the week, but, well… you know how that goes?

java chip frappuccino, please?

so anyway, i wanted to work in “solitude” so i hit up a starbucks over by my place that doesn’t get much business. i get in and just as i thought… not many people in there and there was a big table for me to set up my laptop and other crap

i go to the baristas and ask about the wireless and apparently it’s not just for t-mobile hot spots or at&t users anymore! all i had to do was get a starbucks card and then register it… i’d then have 2 free hours of wifi there everyday.

i was looking at the card’s rewards and they’re pretty good… especially the free drink on your birthday.

after 5 stars (you get a “star” each time you pay with the card), you get to customize your drink with syrups, butterfingers, cheeseburgers, etc.

after 30 stars, you get a free drink after 15 stars

not bad… i’d really just like the free wireless angle of it — they had me at hello

so anyway, i was talking to the baristas there cuz they looked pretty bored and i mentioned foursquare and how i want to be the mayor of the place.

i swear they looked at me like i was a visitor from the future… “whaaaaat? fouurrsqqquareee?”

they mentioned that they got a letter about it, but they didn’t quite grasp it… so this means i shouldn’t be mayor of this particular one — they wouldn’t know what to do…

dodgers bloggers drinkin’ haterade

how can anyone hate on the padres? they’re the most disrespected team in the majors

it’s funny too — they don’t do anything that causes waves in the league… no guns, no drugs, etc… just playing some solid baseball

that’s why it’s comical to see blog posts like these:

btw, that’s just an awesome slug: all-you-padres-fans-who-have-your-panties-in-snit-because-i-wrote-earlier-that-im-far-from-a-believer-take-heartyahoo-sp

i know it’s WAAAAY early in the baseball season, but this has been pretty damned exciting!

padres are being very un-padres like…

as of 5/13

stolen bases:

  1. san diego (44)
  2. chi sox (40)
  3. texas (37)
  4. ny mets (33)
  5. tampa bay (33)


  1. tampa bay (24)
  2. minnesota (22)
  3. ny yankees (22)
  4. san diego (22)
  5. detroit (20)

overall era:

  1. san diego (2.61)
  2. st. louis (2.74)
  3. tampa bay (2.78)
  4. san fran (3.04)
  5. minnesota (3.51)

bullpen batting avg against:

  1. san diego (.191)
  2. ny mets (.214)
  3. ny yankees (.218)
  4. atlanta (.219)
  5. detroit (.221)


  1. san diego (8)
  2. philadelphia (5)
  3. minnesota (4)
  4. oakland (4)
  5. ny mets (4)

bumpin’ beats again

rockford fosgate p1s410 (10"/150watts)

so i replaced the sub in my car with a rockford fosgate p1s410 (10″, 150 watts rms)… it was sort of a pain to take out the old sub — another rockford fosgate that pretty much lasted me 5+ years (it finally got a tear in it)

apparently the previous bestbuy installer put this tar-like sticky substance that bonded the speaker to the box… to prevent any kind of rattling (and keep it airtight)

anyway… the new sub is in and i HAD to test it out… what song/album did i go for? the album i always look to for testing a new subwoofer: the fight club original motion picture score (by the dust brothers)

“why that album?” you may be asking yourself… well let me answer you with some examples

got any other suggestions for system tester tracks?

lazy rock!

i’m gonna lose some of my street cred, but here we go

for a change, i started listening to some “lazy rock”

don’t get me wrong… i’m still all about the kanye…

it’s essentially indie-rock or indie-folk, but it pretty much all sounds the same… i’m digging pomplamoose, she and him, the bird and the bee

once you listen to these bands, you’ll see why i affectionately call it lazy rock… normally it’s a female singer who doesn’t try to belt out the lyrics… it’s more melodic and subtle

pomplamoose has some pretty cool youtube videos that show how they record their songs… not sure if it’s really their process… seems easier to play a full on drum set instead of each piece separately… but that’s just me. oh and it should be stated that nataly’s facial expressions get me every time…

Pomplamoose – Expiration Date

she and him is zooey deschanel’s band… and yes… she’s hot — so this helps me like their music a bit… i swear tho, she has something in her movie contracts that she has to sing in them (i think there’s like one or two that she doesn’t sing in)

She & Him – Sentimental Heart

she deserves a second video shout out!

i found out about bird and the bee from their hall & oates covers… whoa whoa whoa… hall and oates?! yes… if you think me liking hall & oates isn’t cool, then you think sarmad isn’t cool… so there…

The Bird and the Bee – Kiss is on my List