Month: April 2010

padres have been playing REALLY well lately… 7 straight home wins, 4 straight series wins, a winning month, and on and on…

it’s strange watching this team… they’re doing things that are very un-padres like (especially looking at season’s past): picking off players (tied for first in the NL: 9) and stealing bases (tied for first in the NL: 23)

it all makes for a fun and exciting season

it’s always nice seeing a fangraph like this:

padres win probability for 4/29

tomorrow is clayton richard v. dave “angry” bush… i’ll be there — gonna get the shrek poster printed out so hopefully he starts. oh yea, and tomorrow is beerfest… i dunno how padres marketing managed it, but they got the broken lizard guys to appear.

…i will be asking for zj’s and liters of cola…

oh yea… i get a semi when i see this too:

nl west best, dodgers suckin' ass

and if you’re keeping track, the padres magic number is 141… ha!

Padres are tied for first

yea yea… i know it’s suuuper early to be looking at this sorta thing… but c’mon! they’ve been playing well lately.

it’s nice to see that they’re keeping up their mission of being aggressive on the bases… pitching’s been pretty solid as of late too…

scott says, "better out than in, i always say!"

andy and i will be at the ballpark today… andy’s got his sign and i need to get a mini broom… SWEEP IT, FATHERS!

keep it up, padres… i got $50 on the line

i’m a fan of the show parks and recreation on nbc…

andy found a pretty sick remix of the opening theme song, which is pretty catchy by itself…


it’s by a rapper named e-dubble (reverbnation)…

e-dubble – ff#7 – hampden parks

check out his other ff’s (freestyle fridays)… pretty slick

on the topic of parks and rec, here’s a funny spoof of the video (with star wars)


so yea… this happened last weekend…

shot by geoff on his iPhone — his fat finger covered the mic for half the song — then it gets loud… and you hear a chick and her friend yell out truthful things

i pretty much slur a lot of the lyrics… half of it was nerves, the other half was actually not knowing the lyrics…

no eggs this year!