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star wars art posters

so it’s been a while since i’ve gotten a wall print… mainly because i haven’t seen much that has caught my eye… until, perhaps, now…

justin van genderen has created  a series of star wars-inspired prints, and they’re super minimalist.

i’m such a nerd — i love the alderaan one… geezus

gallery store

umm… yes

alright, so this post is just nsfw — there’s your warning…


primitive shoes (interview)

doing my best impersonation of sarmad

i know i’m not the “music” dood in our clique, but i ran across this and thought it was a pretty good song…

tho, i BET that sarmad or dave will chime in and say, “OLD! i knew about these guys 2 years ago”

it’s chiddy bang – “opposite of adults”… uses that mgmt “kids” track (best new artists apparently)

anyway, here ya go… it’s a pretty sick video too


beer: stone 12th anniversary bitter chocolate oatmeal stout

the name alone makes my thirsty

store: stone
type: american double/imperial stout
abv: 9.20%

oatmeal stouts are tasty… and this is no exception… this is over the top flavor in a glass.

you get some beers that say one thing on the label and it tastes nothing like that… but this actually does taste like bitter chocolate (like baking chocolate) and oatmeal. and being a stout, there were flavors of coffee as well.

i would definitely get this again… i wonder if it’s still being sold? only one way to find out — i need to make a trip to my local stone brewery!

beeradvocate: A-
me: A

tim reynolds is the man

i’ll never be as good as tim reynolds… listening to him play guitar kills me… i mean, he’s great, but there’s no way in hell i could even try to play his stuff… not even his covers…

here he is, off the dave matthews, tim reynolds – live in las vegas album

tim reynolds – kashmir