Month: January 2010

new site theme is up and running!

i’m sure i forgot something so if you see any errors… lemme know (my qc guy is in town, but i’m excited to roll out with this)

not like you care, but this is hugely different than the previous theme i had (white with the red line at the top)… this one has a bit more color in it and a few more elements that i’ve picked up recently

to start, the main logo is a transparent png with a rollover AND it degrades nicely if you’re using a shitty browser like ie6…

tranny ping (not some gay dood in china)

so it’s one image, and the css switches the image when you roll over it… this method is pretty cool and super easy to pull off. the end result is clean and it loads quick!

then there’s the overall color scheme… i wish i was better at color theory, but i’m not. so i gotta do research on colourlovers for inspiration. i knew i wanted a “web 2.0” (ugh) color scheme and i think i did it…

another thing that’s cool is the footer — i knew i wanted to do a design with a 3 column footer… i’ve seen kids these days doing it so i wanted to join that crew… i moved the archive list down here, put a short little bio (that’s a first for me), put the social networking sites, and re-added my signature in the copyright

i really like logos… especially when they’re sharp… thanks to the interwebs, i was able to find a set of illustrator vectors of the social networking site logos. so i was able to resize them down without losing quality… i used the rollover styling here as well

tranny gif this time...

and to celebrate, i’ll throw in a song… it’s actually a song i just learned on guitar — it’s SUPER simple even andy could prolly play it

it’s jason mraz’s “anything you want” off his live cd – “beautiful mess: live on earth” (hulu)

just found this video of some other directv ads that use dead celebrities (like the tommy boy one) — hilarious!


not a bad site overall for original internet videos: landlineTV

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up until a couple weeks ago, i had no idea who or what charlie the unicorn was… apparently it’s some random-ass cartoon on youtube that’s pretty hilarious…

the funny thing is that my boss actually recommended it to me and chaunce…

check it out!



of all the video highlights that ladainian tomlinson has been in, this is by far the greatest:


seems like a tim & eric awesome show clip or something — the old doods dancing are a clue…

went to tuesday trivia at a bar in pq (pitchers)… prolly gonna do this again next week.. it’s pretty damn fun… it totally reminded me of the aqua teen hunger force where they do bar trivia also

i love meatwad’s line: “put down backstreet boys” — hilarious…

[yahoo 12074439]

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has anyone seen the ‘jersey shore’ show? it’s such crap… but it’s a terrible train wreck that you get hooked

well, ruxin from the league has this character named “bobby bottleservice” and it’s friggin’ awesome and he’d fit right in! check ’em out

[funnyordie cd14a180a2]

[funnyordie d84660f7dd]

we quoted these videos all night long on new year’s eve…

on a side note, 2009’s phrase was “boom, you’re pregnant” — what will 2010’s phrase be? an early contender: “bonus jonas”