Month: September 2009

burger king has a really, really, really good marketing team (best commercial on tv right now):


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just found out that josephsbrau == trader joe's
just found out that josephsbrau == trader joe's

store: trader joe’s
type: kölsch
abv: 4.80%
suggested by: debbie morales

wow — didn’t realize i hadn’t posted this up yet

well i wasn’t much of a fan of this brew… i was hoping for a refreshing mild (in flavor) taste, but it wasn’t like that.

flavor was boring… it wasn’t terrible… just didn’t make me say “ooh that’s nice” — i wouldn’t get this again.

hell, i even tried drinking it outside while cleaning my car (whilst wearing daisy dukes and uggs) — now get that image outta your head!

beeradvocate: B-
me: C

finally… a series that understands the importance of fantasy football: the league

i saw a commercial that fx is going to pick up this show too! premieres thursday, 10/22 @10:30p



watch episode 3 and 4 on their youtube page

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i got some time to kill before some new thursday tv (including always sunny!)


anyway, i found this clip from south park… no it’s not the gay fish episode nor the “naggers” episode… it’s kind of a rip on mormons, which is a running joke at work


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yikes… haven’t posted to the site in a LOONG time… work’s been keepin’ me busy… makes  me not wanna look at code when i get home

anyways… i’m 1-0 in both fantasy football leagues (2nd place in points in both also!)… thank you, mark for reggie wayne and baby sproles — i HIGHLY doubt that i can keep this up (esp with mcnabb getting broken)

oh and wtf is up with the padres? as mugatu would say, “those padres, they’re so hot right now”

they’re actually winning series against wild card contenders (but then drop 2 of 3 to the lowly d’bags)

crazy game tho today — gotta love that one dood named adrian gonzalez

2010 — padres return to greatness… or at least get a winning record (i’d be okay with that)