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beer: black lightning porter


store: stone brewery
type: baltic porter
abv: 8.50%

first of all, if you haven’t been to stone brewery in escondido, you must… even if you don’t drink beer (yea, there are some people out there… *cough* chaunce) — it’s an all-around chill place to eat and meet with friends.

this time i was here for white mark’s birthday

i REALLY enjoy their smoked porter so i wanna try some other type of porter… this is from another local brewery to san diego: lightning. i’ve been to this particular one last year with geoff and greg — we did a three brewery crawl (ballast point and alesmith), but it wasn’t my favorite of all the places… ballast point was (tho that’s some hoppy-ass beer)

anyway… this beer didn’t really hit me as a porter — it had more alcohol taste than anything else… much like a mild tatonka (bj’s — the restaurant, not the… well whatever)

i was a thick beer — worth a shot for a first try, but wouldn’t get it the next time around

beeradvocate: B+
me: B-

padres make it 10 in a row

how can the game NOT be televised — especially today… i found myself “watching” the game on espn’s gamecast (which is cool… but c’mon!)

this was a sik game… padres rolled into phoenix with a 9-game win streak

pads found themselves down early 5-0 after three… but an 8th inning rally tied it up… so they go to extra innings (AGAIN) — this doesn’t go too long though thanks to a chase headley homer in the tenth, followed by yet another heath bell save

check out this chart — it’s a win probability chart from fangraphs

pads win! pads win!
pads win! pads win!

this is a different team — look at the 7th/8th inning… padres just didn’t give up!

i have no idea what that bottom portion is — the graph going from zero to five… maybe someone could help me out with that part

then before today’s game, check out this stat — padres pitchers’ (both starters and relievers) have an amazing ERA of 1.64!


was that too much? probably — i’m no sports blogger… nor do i claim to be one

beer: islands golden ale

best frosty mugs
best frosty mugs

store: islands
type: not sure exactly, i’ll say cream ale
abv: 5.50%

i like islands for happy hour… decent food, but their beer is served the right way — cold and in frosty mugs…

one of my favorites of theirs is the standard — the golden ale

it’s strange to look for something on google and not finding any results. not even beer advocate had any results on this — perhaps i’m not putting it’s actual name or something… i dunno.

“how’d you know the abv, joe?” — well, lemme tell ya

i went to the islands web site and filled out their contact form (don’t get me started on their use of “comic sans”). here’s what i typed:

I had the Golden Ale at your restaurant and I really liked it.Do you know what the ABV of that particular beer is? I couldn’t find it anywhere online.

then… a speedy TWO days later, i get this response in my email:

Hi Joey,

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.  I checked with our Food & Beverage Director, our Golden Ale ABV is 5.5%

I hope this information was helpful!


Traci Casteel

Islands Restaurants

yes, traci, it was helpful

beeradvocate: n/a
me: A

meatwad get the honeys, g

welcome to the new digs… finally decided to change the layout (i’m sure chaunce is happy about that)

no idea if there are gonna be broken pages or anything, so just let me know — my qc guy is currently out of the country

i went with a more minimal/simple look to the site — and got rid of scripts that weren’t too efficient (like the accordian script that i previously had) — i switched it to the collapsible tabs

btw… could you tell that i like helvetica? i’m PRETTY sure it’s a font that all computers can read — if not, well then you see arial there… and you suck

in sports news:

padres are currently on a 7-game win streak — ridiculous

heath bell has 12 saves, adrian gonzalez has 16 homers

padres nearly traded peavy away to the palehose — which woulda been stupid… i get it — peavy makes a shizload of money and everyone says that he’s not gonna win any rings with the padres, but he’s our ace! he’s exciting to watch…

then on that same day, the padres traded away jody gerut for tony gwynn, jr. — this is a siiiik move… he’s super excited to be a padre, following in his dad’s footsteps. check out how similar they sound — CRAZY — maybe jr. will have similar game:

junior and senior

i look funny, but yo i’m makin’ money see?

i could probably safely assume that chaunce and i are the biggest nerds at work — maybe that’s why they moved us together (far away from the department)

we have a pirate flag, random star wars toys, and the pièce de résistance: scrabble

i was pretty confident with my scrabble skills… but i haven’t won yet — fack…

i get a good lead in the beginning, the chaunce throws in some random word with q’s and z’s that HAPPENS to hit a triple word score.

here’s our last game — i got destroyed with his multi-word combos…


“men” was mine… hell yea

this is what happens when andy leaves and i don’t play ping pong