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we got hosed tommy… we got hosed

vote for pedro... i mean.. adrian
vote for pedro... i mean.. adrian

how in the hell does khalil greene have more votes than adrian gonzalez for the all-star game… yea yea it’s gonna be in st.louis… whatever — khalil’s not even an everyday starter anymore

oh yea… adrian’s leading the league with 20 homers…

btw… i’ve never seen a play go on the DL for social anxiety disorder (bigger market team freakin’ him out eh?) — i guess the d-train also went  on the DL for this too

him and maybe heath bell are worthy of going to the game… wish i could say more tho


you could be a part-time model

boo pandora — i don’t like how the desktop AIR app now requires an upgraded PAID account to download. looks like if you already have it installed, it’ll still work… but still — it’s been bugging me lately too: limited skips in an hour, ads, same songs… etc


so i started lookin’ for other means of internet radio and “found” (yea i’m late to this bus) — and it comes with an AIR app as well (it’s a bit buggy — still version 0.2 and’s data center malfunction might’ve been the cause)

made some purchases over the weekend —

got this bad boy (geoff got one too, paid with bananas, of course! boo yah)


i currently have a winXP and ubuntu dual boot setup (but i’m thinking of trying win7, since geoff has given it rave reviews so far)

it’s sick — it’s good for sports scores or general email — uses a lot less energy too

then ordered one of these sandisk sansa clips (1gb) — at that price… i couldn’t let it pass me by

and then i finished it all up with an iPod/MP3 player kit for my car — i’ve been getting tired of XM lately so i’ll be cancelling that now that i have this. the kit is a little quirky but it can play non-iPod players, which is where the sansa clip will come in… i’m very happy about this — something i’ve been wanting for my car for soooo long

they actually did a good job at bestbuy!

no whammy, no whammy, and stop!

this is just too cool:

[vimeo 4566083]

then there’s this random sh*t —

my soul will have to wait

this is what happens when sarmad’s site goes out of commission for a long time — i post about music… hip hop no less

it’s a sick remix by kid cudi of lady gaga’s song “pokerface” (featuring kanyeezee and common) — it’s called poke her face… clever

the unremixed song is annoying as [email protected]… but this is hot fire (like chappelle):


enjoy the beat

beer: rogue hazelnut brown nectar

ya think i shoulda used a flash? not flesh...
ya think i shoulda used a flash? not flesh...

store: stone brewery
type: english brown ale
abv: 6.20%

i’m sure you’ve all had another famous english brown ale — i’m going out on a limb to claim that this one is better

i probably enjoyed this a lot because i drink my coffee with hazelnut creamer — so it’s a flavor i’m kinda used to…

good stuff — great beer to start the night off

beeradvocate: A-
me: A