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stay thirsty, my friends

i love these voiceover dubs — found these two gems today… slapchop!

this one’s just damn clever — the addition of breakin’ 2: electric boogaloo clips just makes it gold

jabooody dubs does it again — a ton of hooker references! and rightly so!


at work, chaunce and i got moved and now we’re cubemates… it’s gonna be like jake and amir!

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sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken

holy crap i sucked terribly at picking draft picks today…

i do the espn streak for the cash thing, which is pretty fun… you basically are given several matchups and with each matchup, you make a prediction

so since it was nfl draft day, espn put a slew of draft-related choices… sounds easy? well… i thought so too… but apparently i was good at picking the wrong choices… check it out:

hey i got a streak of +5 at least!
hey i got a streak of +5 at least!

i like square butts and i cannot lie

check out the ‘always sunny in philadelphia’ guys on the vh1 show, ‘free radio’

have you watched ‘sunny’ yet?! it’s good!

bored as hell and i wanna get ill

so i FINALLY got my david flores prints from artasylum (that’s another story for another time… sheesh)

i got one of the three (stormtrooper) and it’s siiiik — the lines are bold and the overall design is minimalistic

frame from michael’s — a better quality one than the previous ones i’ve gotten (for the tyler stout posters)

and to appease sarmad, i took pics with a digital cam… no mr. fuzzycam here

some tunage: dynamite hack – boyz n the hood

that’s what she said

in honor of “sexual harrassment” day at work, here are some videos!

“why do women have boobs?”

a random PSA by batman and joker:

[funnyordie d8fab5370c]

michael scott’s catch phrase:

and for no damn reason, bruce (family guy):