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you’re gonna love my nuts!

so i’m sure everyone’s heard about it by now — the shamwow dude got in a scrap with a hooker

i don’t know what was more shocking: the fact that vince is 44 years old, that he rolls with $1,000 ballers (in jackson’s), or the fact that he was kissing the hooker (blech)

good god, man… you’ve got a good thing going — you’re ahead of billy mays with respect to selling crap on tv… why throw it all away by exposing your tongue to a whoo-ah

well at least it wasn’t as bad as ronaldo’s experience… sure you didn’t know they were TV’s (ha.. that category has a double meaning!)

1%?! good lord! how about 1 rib!

for those of you who do not know what that title means:


anyway… today’s the last day (in california) to buy stuff at the 7.75% sales tax… in most cities, sales tax will increase by 1% to 8.75% — but some cities will be higher (like LA) — check out the other cities (thanks to the oc register)

so if you’ve been thinking about buying something or other… it’s best to do it now to get the most out of your money…

i was also thinkin’ about it — some people use the outdated method of tipping their waiter/waitress by doubling the tax (that’s kinda crap by the way — that’d only tip the person 15.5%… lookin’ out for you, greg)

so now with a 8.75% tax (and higher), you’ll be doing the slightly better 17.5% tip… food for thought (no pun intended)

bah-doom-pop, bah-doom-pop, doom…

so i cap off the weekend by picking up the guitar and playin’ a bit…

i’ve been meaning to record some random stuff i play just for posterity i guess… and to listen to it later and say, “damn.. that was terrible”

so i basically just had the laptop right next to me, recording on the built-in mic (yep — it’s super high production), then used adobe audition to take out the weird hisssssss in the background — for some odd reason, the recording would skip a half a second sometimes… i probably shouldn’t be running memory hogs (photoshop, firefox) in the background while i do it next time

so we start with some covers, as i’m wont to do:

sparks (coldplay) – fairly easy/fun to play (capo – 6th, drop d for the high e string) [ tab ]

you are the best thing (ray lamontagne) – i heard an acoustic version on xm the other day and it was awesome… i don’t play it the same way he does, which kinda irks me — he definitely plays it drop-d. now if only i had a old-black-dood-smokey voice like him [ tab ]

and here’s the cool little jam i’m messin’ with:

jam – i need to loop this and then put a cool electric solo on top of it… make it all sexy

tech: microsoft live mesh


so microsoft has this new online app thingy called mesh… it’s similar to dropbox in that you can share a folder/files with other people… buuut, it also has a cool remote desktop feature

this prevents the need to email files (or flash drive) so that you can access it from another computer — you just sync a folder that you want to access elsewhere and then sign on to mesh from that other computer — boom!

the coolest feature is remote desktop — you can actually connect to another computer and see the desktop (the other computer needs to have it installed, duh)… pretty neat-o

the coolest part about it is that it works well with vista… ha!

speaking of microsoft, there’s some talk about them buying out facebook… damn… that punk’s gonna be richer than rich (so you n*ggas come and get me) — i’m just jealous

pick up the pieces!

is it odd that the highlight of my day is getting my car to sears for an alignment, wheel balance and rotation? my car used to shake like michael j. fox when i would press the brakes at pretty much any speed over 30 mph…

i figured… after 2 years of ownership… i’ll take it in to get it workin’ like new — and it is… runs (and stops) like a dream…

what else happened?

  • got new kicks, pants, and a shirt — i thought to myself… “wwsd” (where s=sarmad)
  • tried out windows mesh — as geoff states, “Windows Live Mesh. Think Remote Desktop meets file share meets file backup/sync. In other words, awesome.” (more about this soon)
  • saw “still waiting” — wasn’t that great… they relied too much on the first movie — too many references back to that one…
  • got a “save the date” postcard for my 10-year high school reunion… jesus christ it’s already 10 friggin years?
  • california burrito and a coke — gotta love san diego

so i noticed that dane cook and jim gaffigan are twittering (or as andy would argue, their publicists are twittering)… either way, they’re not really funny… it’s kind of a letdown — they pretty much use twitter to whore their new cd’s comin’ out.

it’s pretty annoying, they’re on the bubble right now of getting removed from my list unless they bring the funny

what a linkfest…