Month: February 2009

no… not jenner… i need to pick up my strat again and just riff it up…


mayer playing the blues with some dood at berklee


…covering clapton’s “old love”


ok… enough youtube!

mayer covering duffy – mercy (random… yes) when he was in san diego

next up is my ap chemistry project, “mr. wizard’s laboratory safety”

while other people did real experiments and took the project seriously, we decided to mess around… partly due to our teacher going MIA almost three-quarters of the semester (there were varying rumors out there… but we all know what happened).

so this one starred me, eugene, zach (skatomic bomb), and mike (bmoc)

comparing this to the previous video, there was zero computer editing involved… it was all video camera.

and i wasn’t expecting geist to hose me when i was “on fire”


“mr. wizard is my favorite scientist
mr. wizard is my favorite show”

i think it’s G-C-G-D — on a purposely de-tuned guitar and flute

thanks to rob, all those random videos we made during high school are slowly getting saved on youtube…

this one was made in 1999 for a senior english project… it was me, chris, dave, and that other dood is mike… i don’t remember his last name, but i know it sounded dirty, like mike hunt or something… oh yes… it was mike long


i digress…

you don’t really need to know what the project was about — this little part was really the best part… HUGE props to rob for the editing work, getting the light saber sounds (and door sounds) to sync up well with the video (btw, the fart sound was well executed by sarmad)

and the gratuitous muscle shot… oh man… that’s why he was the lead singer of brodie… alright, joe, how about we move away from the gay comments…

you can tell what was hip at the time — wwf (not wwe, mind you) and star wars (episode 1 was JUST released)



damn we were nerds

so conan’s headed west to take over leno’s spot… his last episode was a cool, heartfelt tribute/thanks to all those who helped him get to where he is now…

john mayer made an appearance:


the final goodbye was awesome — especially the part about not changing his show setup (“growing up”):


btw… the post title comes from this, when he hosted the primetime emmy’s a few years back


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found this on college humor recently — if you know lost, then this’ll be funny to you

i’m all caught up on this season’s lost, thanks to christine… they take the whole idea of time travel and just stretch it to the limit… it’s crazy to think that they had planned some of this (like the test that richard alpert did on young locke last season)

speaking of college humor, check out their show on mtv… it’s actually pretty funny. another success story of a small group of friends makin’ it big.

and finally, one of the stupidest products being sold on tv — the snuggie:


some dood made a parody of it — and it’s hilariously spot on:


ok i normally don’t post a ton in one day… but i was dying as i was watching this… this was one of the best games on n64:


and what the holy hell — this guy is awesome:


and of course, one of the sickest drummers i’ve seen — vadrum:


billy and jimmy's favorite drink!

store: kashtan bistro
type: english pale ale
abv: 4.20%

not to be confused with this...
not to be confused with this...

this is probably the best name for a beer… the funny thing is it probably has nothing to do with the game. any more references? oh yea… here we go: main theme

it’s actually a pretty drinkable beer. i’d say it has a progressive flavor (whatever that means) — i guess that means it has different taste levels. drinking it started with a slightly bitter flavor, but then ended with a really nice wheat-y flavor.

haha… i love how this guy (etenbus) rated the beer an A-, but then gave it this description for the aroma–
Aroma: Musty horse blanket with some sweet notes, caramel, some citrus fruit

you can imagine the dood sitting down at the bar, opening up the bottle, taking a whiff, and saying, “JE-SUS KEERIST! that smells like a musty horse blanket…” — apparently that’s the perfect smell to him

beeradvocate: B-
me: B

so i have my dreams about where gorirra could possibly be…

i just saw an episode of rob dyrdek’s fantasy factory on mtv and i got jealous… what a friggin’ awesome office setup he made

obviously he’s got cash falling out of his anus and gorirra won’t get anywhere near that, but we’ve got ideas to take us to the next level

once we get our cms off the ground, we’ll be able to find our niche market (gotta keep some secrets i guess) and charge recurring revenue… then my brain starts thinking about what happens next…

well, then that would require someone to do accounting to collect on payments (i’m thinking we’d do either 3 month or 6 month plans — it’s just way too much of a hassle to do monthly payments … as i’ve witnessed at work)

this would be an actual hire — i’m already thinking it would be greg, since he’s got nothing else better to do and once he finishes his masters thesis, he’ll be perfect for the job.

then there’s a sales person that needs to go out to this “market” and market the monkey (not spank — so no, greg — you can’t do this part)

andy would be thrown in the mix at some point, being our Q/C guy and all…

then the question presents itself — at what point can we quit our “safe” jobs and throw it all on bananas (getting sick of these references?)…

then we would maybe rent out a small office — i envision a ping pong table too… no business is complete without a ping pong table…

i guess i don’t have to worry about the technicalities at this point and just focus on the now.

…but it doesn’t hurt to dream

UPDATE: this song kept playing in my head as i wrote this — the overall song has nothing to do with the post, just the first like minute… ha

John Mayer – Gravity (from “where the light is”)

so andy’s site is now “complete” — it’s in quotes cuz it’s still a work in progress. this site’s a behemoth… every page has it’s own quirks to it, which is pretty cool…

you might be saying to yourself, “but it’s only four pages, joey”

to that, i say, “f off”

i’m writing this post to show the behind-the-scenes of andy’s site — so you truly understand mein kampf (did i just quote hitler?)

there are a ton of cool aspects to this site, starting with the masthead

to achieve the effect of the swoosh going through the masthgead and outside of the container, i had to do some math (nerd!)…

the process...
the process...

eventually, andy’ll be able to update that masthead image from time to time using his burgeoning photoshop skillz (yes, with a “z”).

next, still on the home page, is that “thinking about” feature (bottom right)… it was a pain in a half to wrap my head around this — i had to find a solution that didn’t utilize databases… i seeked help from THE google, chaunce, geoff, and other developers and got some good ideas from all…

i ended up making a script that randomly chose a name 52 times from a list of around 70… each name is put into an “array” and then set for each week… a new name will appear each sunday!

not your garden variety default yahoo media player!
not your garden variety default yahoo media player!

snide remarks is the “blog” portion of the site — powered by wordpress… as you can see, even tho the site JUST went live today, he’s already 66 posts in… start reading!

the photos page was created mainly using picasa and a gallery plugin called simpleviewer. i got the pro version (paid with bananas), which allowed me to tweak the overall layout of the galleries — turns out i had to put in (x,y) coordinates for EVERYTHING… so nearly everything for each gallery was placed in its spot by me… it was a pain to start with, but then eventually just had to make minor tweaks to get it the way i wanted…

resources was one of the most tedious pages to work on — not the links, just the overall buttons — i had created the rays, but then andy would want it rotated just a “smidge” or “bumped up” — yea… technical language for me! i think i made maybe 20 of these buttons.. all of them with pretty¬† much the most minor of changes… glad we found a good compromise with that


so yea, check out the site, i hope andy’s satisfied with the finished product — we put the site through all the rigors and stress tests to make sure it doesn’t break… but let me know if something does…

currently, the facebook icon does not link to andy’s profile — it’s tough to put in the link when i can’t confirm if the link is legit!