you’re gonna love my nuts!

so i’m sure everyone’s heard about it by now — the shamwow dude got in a scrap with a hooker

i don’t know what was more shocking: the fact that vince is 44 years old, that he rolls with $1,000 ballers (in jackson’s), or the fact that he was kissing the hooker (blech)

good god, man… you’ve got a good thing going — you’re ahead of billy mays with respect to selling crap on tv… why throw it all away by exposing your tongue to a whoo-ah

well at least it wasn’t as bad as ronaldo’s experience… sure you didn’t know they were TV’s (ha.. that category has a double meaning!)

2 Responses to “you’re gonna love my nuts!”

  1. Greg says:

    The 1000 was actually in 20’s if you actually read the affidavit. Bad reporting, you got me all confused.

  2. Joey says:

    what? i wrote “in jackson’s” — meaning andrew, not michael

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