year of the beer: recap

so i’m waaaay behind on finishing up my last few beers… and i promised andy i’d do this (it is his brainchild after all)

so i’m gonna start putting them in… in no particular order

if i can’t figure out what to write about it, i’ll just put the basic info… tho i’m sure when i see the picture, it’ll all come back to me…

…yea right — i have such a crappy memory…

5 Responses to “year of the beer: recap”

  1. andy says:

    especially after drinking. at this point, a final tally is what i long to see.

  2. andy says:

    its been a month…how many more?

  3. andy says:

    i want more beers added to the beer list! cant believe that Laffe isnt on there. I loved that beer last night. solid A-

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