year of cirrhosis

so that was a fun year of trying out new beers… i definitely beat my goal (50) by a bunch… i really need to get a final tally (i know, andy… i’ll try)

so for next year, i’m gonna do a “year of coffee” — with the overall goal of being able to order a cup of coffee at a starbucks and not sound like a re-tard… i wanna know the lingo… i want to say “skinny” regarding my drink for some reason…

hot, cold, whole bean, ground, sumatra, java… if it’s coffee, i’m gonna try it out

should be fun… i already know some places i wanna try out for some home “brewing” — world market, trader joe’s

hell, i think i’ll even get a french press… i hear they’re all the rage

3 Responses to “year of cirrhosis”

  1. andy says:

    youre gonna be a tard. i hope you continue to amend the beer list. when is your app coming?

    you know, sbucks has more calories than beer. its gonna be year of the spare tire.

    did you say karma sutra

  2. andy says:

    you know that means trying it black too, without your girly creamers in your face

  3. Joey says:

    yea the beer list will be updated as i try new beers and stuff… tho i’ve found myself to be lazy and not taking pictures anymore…

    does it really? i had no clue. like i really care about that tho… i eat carne asada chimichangas, man…

    creamer is for a bit of taste… i haven’t had to use much of it with juan’s colombian coffee — which makes sense.

    it’s not “karma” sutra… it’s KAMA sutra… c’mon! if you’re gonna poke fun, get it right.

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