wordprestidigitation to the nth degree!

i need to keep these notes online — as a resource for both myself and whomever cares:

wordpress plugins

i’ve been all over wordpress for these sites — JUST finished greg’s band’s site [ vaudevillain ]. the widgets weren’t my idea… haha — apparently it does tracking so he can see how many people are clicking play or checking out their upcoming shows

a wordpress-driven site was perfect for them cuz they’re going on tour pretty soon and this allows them to update the site on the road… videos, music, gig dates and stuff…

8 Responses to “wordprestidigitation to the nth degree!”

  1. andy says:

    gaining good exp.

  2. Greg says:

    Yes, good exposure indeed. Thank you Joesph and Geoff. Although, it’s not complete yet. We still need to add photos and music, but everything should be up and running by March 13th (cd release show).

  3. Pushin the WordPress framework now are we?

    LOL, been saying this shiznit for a while and now you get it.

    All that is left is Mandy

  4. andy says:

    that photo plugin is rubbing on my stuff, like a dirty stripper-at least in my head thats how it works.

  5. Does anyone see anything weird with Joe’s tag cloud? It would appear that the two most important things in Joe’s blog are Beer then Andy…

  6. joey says:

    at least it’s not beer, then andy, then blumpkin

  7. andy says:

    well, youre just jealous. and I am king.

  8. If by king you mean Queen, then yes, you are correct!

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