well… look at that

Padres are tied for first

yea yea… i know it’s suuuper early to be looking at this sorta thing… but c’mon! they’ve been playing well lately.

it’s nice to see that they’re keeping up their mission of being aggressive on the bases… pitching’s been pretty solid as of late too…

scott says, "better out than in, i always say!"

andy and i will be at the ballpark today… andy’s got his sign and i need to get a mini broom… SWEEP IT, FATHERS!

keep it up, padres… i got $50 on the line

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  1. andy says:

    14 games. what pace does this put them? ill gladly lose $50 if they make the playoffs.

    1 hit last night. one lousy hit. petco baseball can be sooo boring.

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