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sine, sine, cosine, sine!

first, some victory music (found the original just now)

so i finally got promoted at work!

i’ve paid my dues and i finally have been given a real opportunity to do some good in the company… it’s been a long time comin’, but like chaunce said, “one day… it’ll happen”

well, it’s happened — i’m now a web developer at stoneriver (where? yea… exactly!)


pardon my dust

working on the weird firefox form field issue…

*UPDATE* – around an hour later, it’s fixed. i narrowed it down to the accordion script used in the side bar —>

instead of trying to go through it, i used a diff script — it works just as good AND it doesn’t eff up my forms. so now, if you use firefox and want to comment or search, YOU CAN (without right clicking first)



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