songs stuck in my head

last weekend, i played a bonfire-at-the-beach set for friends… it was probably the longest i’ve played the guitar at one time in a loooong while… my fingertips were hatin’ me the next day

the playlist was pretty diverse — from weezer to dave matthews to roy orbison (yea… random)

anyways, these three songs stuck out from the night — they’re stuck in my head still… i gotta say, they’re pretty fun to play and they bring me back almost 10 years when i was first startin’ out on the guitar…

gonna try soundcloud for this — we’ll see how it works

Richard Marx – Now and Forever by gorirrajoe

Extreme – More Than Words by gorirrajoe

Mr. Big – To Be With You by gorirrajoe

6 Responses to “songs stuck in my head”

  1. andy says:

    sound cloud is blocked at work. darn.

    and it was fun. ill sing foryou

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  3. Lisa Liguori says:

    You’re playing was AWESOME!!! I was so impressed. It really made the evening special to have live music and a sing-along. I cannot believe how much Dave Matthews you can play from memory! Sheesh! That’s talent!!

    • Joey says:

      live at luther was one of the first albums i could play from start to end… alas, my fingers aren’t as durable as they used to be

  4. Juan says:

    Joey, you totally rocked that bonfire!!! Couldn’t believe that you were actually playing some DMB songs!!

    Can’t wait to hear these new ones!!! Maybe next time we will get also some GNR and more Cow Bell!!!!!

    Thanks Again!!!

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