product review: misc blackberry apps

i <3 my blackberry… it’s just like a computer.. i dunno why i haven’t gone the smartphone route till now…

tho the fact that it’s like a computer is kinda deadly for me — i tinker with it a ton… whether it’s changing settings or installing random apps…

i had a ton of issues in the beginning, especially when i would do a restart (quickpull) — the phone would just essentially do a BSOD

i finally figured out what was wrong — basically, the data i was restoring from wasn’t reliable… so now i know what to do if my phone dies (so i got that going for me…)

so yea, here’s a list of my favorite apps i have currently on my phone:

  • ubertwitter: by far, the best twitter client on the bberry. it loads quick and it has easy to remember hotkeys. i tried twixtreme (which sounds more like a candy than a twitter client), but it didn’t work too well for me — it’s pretty tho… but i’ll stick with uber!
  • scoremobile: i used to just go to espn mobile on the browser, but that isn’t the best… takes a long time to load and doesn’t always refresh. so i tried this out and it’s pretty good so far. really fast loading and has almost any sport you would care about. it can run in the background and refreshes too! one of the cool features is that you can mark a team as a favorite, which will have it display at the top of the list on the scoreboard
  • itookthisonmyphone: i’m all about backing important files up — like pictures.  so this app will AUTOMAGICALLY upload your photo to a secure site — you can set the pics to go to a public or private folder. you might be thinking, “but i have a microSD card” — yea… so did andy… ouch…
  • this is more of a fun app, but can be pretty useful. it will read your incoming text messages out loud. i wrote a post previously about the fun times you can have with this…
  • bigtincan mapper: this is a cool gps type app that can give you your longitude/latitude position, which can come in handy. it can also track your routes

so those are the not-so mainstream apps out there that you might wanna give a try… i also have these more popular apps: google talk (awesome since talk got blocked at work), gmail, facebook, google sync (syncs with my google calendar!), pandora, and weathereye (shows an icon of the current weather)

2 Responses to “product review: misc blackberry apps”

  1. Andy says:

    im still dealing with my sid card failure.

  2. Joey says:

    i read somewhere… i think on crackberry… that a blackberry can actually fix sd cards… oddly enough

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