I did it. I put in my two weeks.

it feels very odd, but I had to jump on the opportunity that was presented to me… i’d be stupid if I didn’t

I’m gonna miss the coworkers. seven+ years at a place… met so many people and made many friends

funny to think that the last of the mog-3 is leaving… on his own terms. it’s the way I envisioned it. I’m happy.

I attribute the title of this post to my boss. it’s succinct and it fits.


12 Responses to ““onward””

  1. Chaunce says:

    Very happy to see that you are moving on to something new. It is moving on to something new that creates the space for growth. I am excited to see where you will be in a year after this sort of move. The past year for me has been instrumental in my growth. Go get ’em!

  2. andy says:

    i like cd’s take that change sometimes creates the room for growth. Proud of you buddy. you know i think youre so damn talented.

  3. Eric S says:

    This is so motivating! Get it done!

  4. @jennyjenjen says:

    Congrats, sir! Wow, have you made some excellent life progress in the last year. Good job and glad to good things happening :)

  5. andy says:

    holy crap thats a large image JJJ posted.

  6. KidNickarus says:

    Onward and upward I’m sure Broseph… Again, as stated when Josh departed the company. “It’s as though thousands of advisor websites cried out in terror… and were suddenly silenced.” Honestly, though, the learning aspect is really important in this business, if you can’t grow… you don’t go. So I fully commend your decision.

    • Joey says:

      hahaha this cracked me up. I didn’t think there was a way to fit star wars into this occasion. thanks, nick… we fought the good fight against hypocrisy!

  7. Andy Morales says:

    i still love this “It is moving on to something new that creates the space for growth.”

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