new look, same great taste

new wordpress theme for your collective asses…

lemme know what you think — and more importantly, if anything’s broken…

12 Responses to “new look, same great taste”

  1. Joey says:

    new feature — you can reply to a person’s reply…

  2. andy says:

    the reply to reply is gay. that eliminates normal commenting and may get out of hand and spacing weird.

    • As that may be, it allows people to add there comments directly to the specific remark instead of having it be 20 comments down the page. But I have seen the indenting get out of hand sometimes on other sites.

  3. andy says:

    the word great in your title is an assumption

  4. Great job on the new design. Are you completely finished or are you planning on adding anything else.

    • joey says:

      i wanted to get the geography on the site — i’d like to add some graphic stuffs in the near future…

      messing with 3 column sites is tougher than 2 columns…

    • Joey says:

      minor update — made the sidebars collapsible — very lightweight and clean i think… allows me to add the whole grip of tags that i have…

  5. White Mark says:

    this looks shitty.

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