i’m lazy

yup… that’s it… i’m lazy!

before this year is through, i’ll update my beer list… i “promise” (see that? i put it in quotes so you can’t hold me to it!)

i prolly won’t be putting as much description in the posts since i drank most of them months ago…

what i do know is i won’t be doing another “year of the beer” thing next year…

yes, my alcohol tolerance has skyrocketed, but i’ve got a gut for days… christ… i’m at a point in my life where i get back injuries from playing one game of ping pong (i did win tho… suck it, andy!)

oh yea… i also wanna write up a review about this seidio booberry case i got (it’s not gonna be good for them…)

been crazy busy at work (for which i’m thankful, right? right?) — been part of some fun, major projects… another of which is almost done… and it looks like gorirra is gonna make a last quarter sprint with some (3) upcoming projects… let’s just say this year’s company christmas party is gonna be off the heezy (party of 2… ha)

3 Responses to “i’m lazy”

  1. andy says:

    oh, ill hold it against you. you’ll like how it feels.

    next year can be “year of the salad” or “year of the exercise” try something, i think they call jogging…I think the J is silent, like Yogging.

    party of 2? doesnt @snuggib count as 2 on her own?

  2. Joey says:

    hahah!! year of the beer = year of the beer belly… ugh
    i wanted to do year of the coffee… so i can at least learn how to order something at starbucks without holding up the line!

    so stressful

    snuggib isn’t invited to that outing… we’re not going buffet style… f that!

  3. andy says:

    before this year is through

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