i miss brodie

no… not jenner… i need to pick up my strat again and just riff it up…


mayer playing the blues with some dood at berklee


…covering clapton’s “old love”


ok… enough youtube!

mayer covering duffy – mercy (random… yes) when he was in san diego

4 Responses to “i miss brodie”

  1. andy says:

    duffy as in hillary duff? didnt know you were a fan. If youre gonna turn your site into a “i heart john” site, then youre missing some of his better clips. The one he did on the chappelle show, and the one he did (college humor?) about how he writes a song. Ill find the links for you when i can get access. My work blocks the internet.

  2. joey says:

    nope… duffy as in duffy

    everyone knows those clips — but when you find them, post ’em up, bits

  3. Hey Joey… you know how I know you’re gay? I read your blog.


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