fun. – we are young

i really like this song. i like how chevrolet used it in the ads… with slow mo video — it just worked. you can find it on their “some nights” album


i’m a huge fan of studio acoustic versions

official video

this kind of music is starting to grow on me… i’m still trying to find other similar stuff… i dunno if it relates but some songs off the drive soundtrack are pretty good too.

college – a real hero (feat. electric youth)

kavinsky – nightcall

fun.” is an american indie pop band based in new york city.

5 Responses to “fun. – we are young”

  1. andy says:

    multiple comments.

    1. i love first fret capo’s
    2. you say, “this kind of music is starting to grow on me” but leave out what “this kind” is defined by.
    3. Cool you embedded some groovesharks. ironically, i did today too, before i saw yours.

  2. andy says:

    so i heard another song of theirs this morning, and i think i came to the conclusion what “this kind of music” is…its nickleback kind of music

    though, the singer used to be in a band that had some good songs called The Format. so maybe there is redemption

    • Joey says:

      ouch! i think that’s gotta hurt a band ego if they’re likened to nickelback. the song is catchy, but the radio killed it by playing it waaaaaaay too much

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