friggin’ indian givers

so i’ve been saying “batman” all throughout the day today… why?

cuz one of my coworkers kept saying it — it’s from crank yankers

[comedycentral 24554]

// interesting first frame shown in comedy central’s video player… ha

quote of the day: “just when i thought i was out… they pull me back in”
term of the day: “indian giver” [ wiki ]


[comedycentral 60189]

“do you have black caulk?”

3 Responses to “friggin’ indian givers”

  1. Andy says:

    i love these 2 references in that wiki page:

    1. The term is also in one of the Seinfeld episodes (“The Cigar Store Indian”). In the episode, Jerry Seinfeld is dating a American Indian woman, and spends a great deal of effort trying to avoid using potentially offensive expressions (i.e. “scalping,” “reservations”) She eventually dumps him when he slips up and calls her an Indian giver for taking something back.

    2. Comedian Emo Philips once told his audience, “You know what I hate? Indian Givers… No, wait. I take that back..

  2. White Mark says:

    Joey’s mom is available? NICE!

    What about your sister?

  3. White Mark says:

    GChat convo with the site’s creator:

    Joey: i twitter your cock

    me: nice
    “I’m inside joey’s sister”

    Joey: hahahaa

    me: “its warm and wet in here”

    Joey: dammit

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