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beer: lindemans pomme

can't win them all...
can't win them all...

store: bevmo
type: lambic – fruit
abv: 4.00%

now that’s a crazy fruity beer — i don’t know why i got it… i think it’s cuz i thought, “hey… the peche was pretty dang good — lemme try this one out”

well… it wasn’t that great at all — it was like eating 50 sour apple jolly ranchers… ridiculous! after every sip, i’d be puckering my lips cuz it was so sweet and tart… dane cook would definitely not like this — he’d stab me in the jaw for buying it

with the way it smelled, it woulda been better served as a bath & body works hand soap

with all my bitching, i still finished it… but my stomach didn’t like me for doing so

chicks would dig this beer tho… ha

beeradvocate: B
me: C

beer: kopernik

insert pollack joke here...
insert pollack joke here...

store: kashtan
type: browar amber
abv: 5.60%

i thought — a beer named after copernicus, that’s gotta be good!

nope… wasn’t that great — poland shoulda come out strong, but instead, they just kinda floundered

i couldn’t really put my finger on the flavor… but according to andy, it was a little wheaty with a hint of hefeweizen

maybe i’ll try the pythagoras beer

beeradvocate: B-
me: C

beer: baltika #6 porter

mulligan maybe?
mulligan maybe?

store: kashtan
type: baltic porter
abv: 7.00%

ok… i gave this beer a C… and i normally like porters as of late. but i think it’s because this one was actually lukewarm when i had it, which kinda put it at an immediate disadvantage.

well.. knowing that, this one tasted like chocolate and from what i remember, it was super dark and rich.

i’ll maybe try this one again… i dunno… i’m not really feelin’ the russia beers

beeradvocate: B
me: C

beer: ochakovo ruby

at least the russians excel at vodka-making and gymnastics

store: kashtan bistro (more on this place later)
type: vienna lager
abv: 3.60%

strange… a beer that isn’t on beeradvocate — it has other ochakovo’s, but not the ruby (this is the closest, but not really)

it’s a super low abv, which was good for lunch *cough*… i had it with a roast beef sandwich, which complimented it pretty well.

on first pour, it was pretty cloudy and bubbly (effervescent is the term i’m looking for) — the taste didn’t really get me

i find it odd that this site reviewed it like so:
Hints of red summer fruits in the aroma, these give a clue to the plummy caramel flavours which develop.

either that’s complete bs or the reviewer has the most amazing palate known to man — i tasted nothing of the sort (i will, however, be reviewing a REALLY good beer flavored with caramel pretty soon — ooh… a teaser)

overall, the russians should maybe use the same effort that they use on their vodka making into their beer making…

beeradvocate: C-

beer: paulaner oktoberfest-märzen

the umlaut means it's german!
the umlaut means it's german!

store: bevmo
type: märzen/oktoberfest
abv: 5.80%

it was an alright beer… nothing too special about it… i had it with this bomb cheese (cabot extra sharp cheddar). it wasn’t smooth going down — had some metallic flavor to it — and i’m sure i wasn’t drinking it out of an old metallic cup.

it took me a whole 6 pack to figure out that this beer was so-so… i probably won’t go back to this one…

beeradvocate: B+
me: C+