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beer: samuel smith’s oatmeal stout

with a pub mix cameo
with a pub mix cameo

store: bevmo
type: oatmeal stout
abv: 5.00%

rolled into bevmo and saw my buddy, vg, there… he knows of the whole 50-beer thing and has been pretty good with suggestions (he hasn’t failed me yet).

so he suggested this one — i’ve never tasted an oatmeal stout before… it’s really good

it poured a really dark body with a 2-3 finger frothy head (heh heh)… had hints of chocolate with the taste… and my favorite category, it had a creamy mouthfeel

bought a single big bottle — i think it’s 22 oz maybe? and finished it quickly. definitely a session beer for its smoothness and taste

i wouldn’t really pair it with pub mix in the future, but it’s always a good snack

beeradvocate: A-
me: A

beer: fat tire amber ale

that's the good stuff
my phone has a flash apparently!

store: adams ave. grill
type: american amber/red ale
abv: 5.20%

i haven’t had this beer in SO long… it was different than i had remembered…

drank this at chaunce’s wedding and i was pleasantly surprised.

it wasn’t harsh with a bad aftertaste. instead, this had a nice wheaty/malty taste — very refreshing, soft… very dependable

i might need to pick a sixer of this again… 

beeradvocate: B
me: A

beer: rogue hazelnut brown nectar

ya think i shoulda used a flash? not flesh...
ya think i shoulda used a flash? not flesh...

store: stone brewery
type: english brown ale
abv: 6.20%

i’m sure you’ve all had another famous english brown ale — i’m going out on a limb to claim that this one is better

i probably enjoyed this a lot because i drink my coffee with hazelnut creamer — so it’s a flavor i’m kinda used to…

good stuff — great beer to start the night off

beeradvocate: A-
me: A

beer: islands golden ale

best frosty mugs
best frosty mugs

store: islands
type: not sure exactly, i’ll say cream ale
abv: 5.50%

i like islands for happy hour… decent food, but their beer is served the right way — cold and in frosty mugs…

one of my favorites of theirs is the standard — the golden ale

it’s strange to look for something on google and not finding any results. not even beer advocate had any results on this — perhaps i’m not putting it’s actual name or something… i dunno.

“how’d you know the abv, joe?” — well, lemme tell ya

i went to the islands web site and filled out their contact form (don’t get me started on their use of “comic sans”). here’s what i typed:

I had the Golden Ale at your restaurant and I really liked it.Do you know what the ABV of that particular beer is? I couldn’t find it anywhere online.

then… a speedy TWO days later, i get this response in my email:

Hi Joey,

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.  I checked with our Food & Beverage Director, our Golden Ale ABV is 5.5%

I hope this information was helpful!


Traci Casteel

Islands Restaurants

yes, traci, it was helpful

beeradvocate: n/a
me: A

beer: sam adams light

always a good decision...
always a good decision...

store: vons
type: light lager
abv: 4.00%

there’s a lot of light beers out there — but i think this is one of the best ones…

rob actually got me into this beer a while ago — props for that!

sam adams boston lager is a bit too harsh imho. the light variety is a lot easier to drink… it goes down smoother

can’t wait for the summer ale to come out — it’s the bizzle (best)

beeradvocate: B-
me: A