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product review: innocase 360

so i got a phone “recently” — the blackberry tour, which is a really slick phone… it’s my first blackberry so i really don’t have much to measure it with, but i really like the interface, speed, and size of it. i guess i can save a review for the tour for another post…

this one will focus on a case i got from seidio — the innocase 360


at first, i liked the idea that it had a keyboard cover — so as not to mess up the keys with my greasy fingers or spilled coffee (i spill coffee a lot)… but as you continue, you’ll see that it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be (ooh… a teaser!)

the case itself is really nice — doesn’t add too much bulk and has a good feel to it (not rubberized so it’s not tough getting outta your pocket).

there’s a plastic cover over the screen, which is necessary for me (read greasiness above) — tho the screen doesn’t really have contact with the plastic guard so some lint can get trapped in there, forcing you to take the case off and wipe clean… but that’s minor

now on to the keyboard cover… when you first get the case and put it on… it’s AWESOME. a really good fit over the keyboard and actually helps you type FASTER. the keyboard on the tour has weirdly angled keys which takes some getting used to.

the cover doesn’t allow much light from the keyboard to shine through so if you suck at typing and don’t know where letters are, it might take you a while in low-lit areas.

ok… so… the cons with the keyboard cover is that it WILL bubble in the middle… and really bad too… it just stretches out and you can’t do much to fix that.

this makes it REALLY tough to type on the keyboard and it just plain looks crappy!

the bubbling seems to be accelerated when you have to open up the case — which i had to do for a good ol’ fashioned battery pull

so i thought… maybe it’s just a defective case — so i rma‘d it and they were really helpful with sending me a new one. seidio, tho, didn’t tell me where to send the defective one so after a few weeks of no response, i have two now.

and guess what, the new one they sent bubbled like the other one… frustrated that i spent $35 on a case, i decided to cut my losses and cut out the keyboard cover… had to…

but you know what? i like it more than ever now.

seidio needs to find a better material for that keyboard case so it doesn’t bubble up — or do better tests on their products cuz it didn’t take too long for me to get the bubble effect.

so overall… there are a bunch of other cases that don’t have the keyboard cover which would be better options in my opinion

test post from crunchberry

So I got this new app for my phone made by wordpress — specifically to create posts on my blackberry.

I don’t know if I’ll use it a bunch or anything but it’s pretty cool that the wp folks are looking out for non-iPhoners

So this is just a small test to see what it’s like…

If you want the app and you have a bberry, go here:

fun with text to voice!

so i have a blackberry tour now — it’s not as cool as the almighty iPhone, but hey… i’m not a douche

they have a good/small set of apps that can be useful — i really like how they can be run in the background (boom!)…

here’s one good review site for all things blackberry:

anyway, i found this awesome app called — it reads your incoming texts so you don’t have to lose your focus while driving (cuz i’m already reading, smoking, and drinking… pfft)…

not only does it read names and texts really well… it makes for some fun times.

here are a few that chaunce was sending me during work:

marsha 1

marsha 2

he sent this one when we were eatin’ pho at lunch:


geoff even got in on the action (thank god i had the app turned OFF when he sent this):

handjob mart

there’s an iPhone version coming soon… so there you go

i’m still playin’ with it… but i think i might buy it… $14 one time? not bad at all…

chex mix, you’re the snack for me

so i’ve had this netbook for some time now, running ubuntu. i think i can bust a few pros and cons:


  • runs REALLY well on the netbook
  • manages the battery well — i can run this for several days (light to medium usage) before chaging
  • multiple desktops — comes in super handy when working with a small monitor


  • NO FLASH! this kills it for me… even youtube won’t show the video (or is suuuper laggy) — the whole point for getting this netbook was to keep track of sports scores and stuff, but most sites (espn, mlb) use flash scoreboards… fml
  • not all programs work in ubuntu — i just want a good twitter program like destroy twitter, but nope… i gotta use this janky one called twittux, which doesn’t even have a retweet button!
  • doesn’t really play well with the file sharing and print network setup i have here…

i think that’s it… at least the most important ones to me…

overall, i’m gonna switch back to winxp — tho i’d really like win7 on here… i don’t wanna get TOO used to it (it’ll only be free for so long)

tweet tweet, tweet tweet!


as you may know, twitter has blow’d up — to the point that celebrities and well-known people are using it, such as mark cuban

in his blog, he talks about twitter a bunch — he has some cool thoughts on the service in his most recent entry:

Now that twitter seems to be a media darling and an acquisition target, I thought I would share some of my observations.

1. Tweets are the blog posts you thought about writing, but didn’t feel they had enough substance

2. Twitterers are older. Myspace started around music and students. Facebook started around college students. Twitter was started by old people. Relatively speaking :) . It could be the first new social media platform to start old and get younger, but there really is no assurance of that. I don’t know that twittering will get big for the 18 and younger set.

3. The challenge of Twitter will be its anonymity.  It’s the same problem myspace has.  @collegehottie can be a 60 year old pedophile who pushes a Tweetup and creates a problem.

4. The plus for twitter is that can reduce text messaging minutes. Particularly for broadcasting to a group of friends.

5. Twitter will need to create a groups or list function with a private option and soon. Otherwise Facebook can create a twitter like “skin” for its users to do the quick updates that twitter options. FB seems to be trying to find their way there now, recognizing the threat of Twitter.  FB updates seem to be in decline as users utilize twitter for this function

6. While there is a growing market for 3rd party twitter apps, twitter cant depend on them to expand the platform. The beauty of twitter is its simplicity.

7. The beauty of twitter is its simplicity. It works perfectly and quickly on a phone. Translated, its the ultimate time waster for the 30 plus generation.  You are never bored when you have a phone and twitter, no matter where you are. Thats the key to its success.

i definitely agree with his first point — sometimes you just want to do a quick note instead of going through the whole deal of making up a title, writing out your thoughts, tag and categorize it, etc.

also, his second point about how these social networking sites came about was pretty interesting… with the 140 character limit, it forces a person to be succinct… am i being ageist by claiming that the youth (the stereotypical myspacer) doesn’t have anything “follow-worthy” to say?

yea i think i am…