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yea so… this is pretty much me

this is how excited i get when one of my work’s magazines come out

now a study in moppishness

so i watched ‘better off dead’ last night and i was surprised to see a very familiar scene…


don’t get it? well this’ll jog your memory:

i always wondered where the hell that reference came from — now i know… i still don’t get why they do it in the movie… tho it was made in a time where making fun of asians was hip and cool (like sixteen candles?)

here’s the line:

“Truly, a sight to behold. A man, beaten. The once great champ, now a study in moppishness. No longer the victory hungry stallion we’ve raced so many times before, but a pathetic, washed-up, aged ex-champion.”

i’m on to you, family guy…

spot the movies

i found this really cool art print online where the artist drew a bunch of items in a pile. all the items are from “famous” movies…

so this has been a really long email chain, but we’re stuck on the last few…

instead of giving you the answers off the bat, let’s see if you can get some — i have a guess that tim will be really good at this…

click for larger image
click for larger image

props to crazy4cult and galleries one nine eight eight

open the pod bay doors, hal

this new movie looks pretty sick: moon

vertigo-inducing movie poster
vertigo-inducing movie poster

from the trailer, i’d say it’s like 2001, minus the boring parts — it even has a HAL type character that uses various smiley faces to show emotion


i forget how mark described sam rockwell — like a poor man’s dax shepard [imdb] maybe?

how can you NOT watch a movie where the phrase “tour de force” is used?

friggin’ indian givers

so i’ve been saying “batman” all throughout the day today… why?

cuz one of my coworkers kept saying it — it’s from crank yankers

[comedycentral 24554]

// interesting first frame shown in comedy central’s video player… ha

quote of the day: “just when i thought i was out… they pull me back in”
term of the day: “indian giver” [ wiki ]


[comedycentral 60189]

“do you have black caulk?”