bumpin’ beats again

rockford fosgate p1s410 (10"/150watts)

so i replaced the sub in my car with a rockford fosgate p1s410 (10″, 150 watts rms)… it was sort of a pain to take out the old sub — another rockford fosgate that pretty much lasted me 5+ years (it finally got a tear in it)

apparently the previous bestbuy installer put this tar-like sticky substance that bonded the speaker to the box… to prevent any kind of rattling (and keep it airtight)

anyway… the new sub is in and i HAD to test it out… what song/album did i go for? the album i always look to for testing a new subwoofer: the fight club original motion picture score (by the dust brothers)

“why that album?” you may be asking yourself… well let me answer you with some examples

got any other suggestions for system tester tracks?

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