beer: tecate

as freddie "boom boom" washington says, "mr. (te)cate!"
as freddie "boom boom" washington says, "mr. (te)cate!"

store: ?
type: american adjunct lager
abv: 4.50%

i said i’d never give a beer an “F” grade, but this came damn close…

thanks to dave, i tried one of these bastards… here’s a message to mexico, “stick to something you’re good at… like poverty or swine flu”

that was mean… this guy’s a prick – a la jim gaffigan

kinda interesting that this was my first mexican beer… i woulda thought that corona or the beer favored by the most interesting man in the world

it’s funny reading the different reviews on tecate on BA — almost as funny as people reviewing natty ice or steel reserve (or whatever you white people drink)

beeradvocate: C-
me: D

4 Responses to “beer: tecate”

  1. White Mark says:

    you don’t like it? but it has those snazzy new commercials?

    Btw… that swine flu/poverty quote is the most racist shit I’ve ever heard you say… and I’ve heard you say a LOT of racist shit.

    white people don’t drink natty ice or steel reserve… you racist fucker.


  2. joey says:

    tecate has commercials? you sure?

    is it the most racist? i’m an equal opportunity basher i guess… no race is safe — and you know you love that quote

  3. White Mark says:

    Yeah, they do… it’s those… “We know mexicans!” commercials… where they show ppl with lowriders, and eating beans, and churros and shit…

    and yes… i love that quote.

  4. andy says:

    dont forget tacos

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